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The Rabbit Hole of Abuse

"They appeared to be the perfect family."
A family friend said. 

"He was not a bad person any little bit, as far as we know," their neighbor said. "Everybody probably has issues behind closed doors that nobody knows about, but these people were the perfect American family."

Yet, Kristy Manzanares was dead. Her head smashed.
Blood drenched the floor. Her husband, Kenneth, covered in it. 

He tried to throw her dead body over the balcony from their room on the Alaskan Cruise ship, when he was caught.

Everybody has issues. Not everyone is a murderer. 

Two phrases Kenneth is now famous for:
"She wouldn't stop laughing at me."
and after he was handcuffed... he said "My life is over."

Chills ran down my spine. 

Kristy's life is over. You're children's lives are immeasurably devastated. It's NOT about you.

My heart and condolences go out to her family, her friends, and her children.
My heart goes out to all those friends and family …

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