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Women, Teach your Sons

I watched a powerful and inspiring video by Lisa Nichols (see at bottom of this article) about her choices that led to being in an abusive relationship and struggling with depression.
I listened to her share the story of how her father took her out on a date as a young girl and treated her like a queen.

At the end of the evening, he told her "I showed you what you deserve to be treated like, what you choose to be treated like, is up to you."

I remembered my own Dad.
I am one of the lucky ones. My Dad, Father of FIVE daughters- did exactly the same for each of us.

I remembered how on "date night" my Dad would go out of the house and walk up the steps to ring the doorbell to "pick us up" for our date.
"If a boy ever honks his horn for you to come out to the car- you won't walk out that door- I will." He used to tell us.

I watched another great video a few days ago that I shared on my Facebook page- of men discussing sexism.

One of the things t…

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