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The Cat that Died

We laid our family cat to rest yesterday.
So I'm writing a post.
I don't know why.

When we saw Autumn at the Shelter we "KNEW" she was our cat- even though at the time my kids' dad didn't like cats at all.

She's been in our family 10 years.

She had gone blind, had trouble walking and ultimately was getting lost in the house and couldn't control her bladder.
(these are all of the reasons I justify the guilt I have over having her put down)

What I'm writing about is my kids.

I watched them cry.
I hated it.
I cried watching them cry.

I was sad, but I'm an adult. To me, as much as I loved our cat- it was a cat.

To them... for 2 of my 3 children it was their first experience with severe loss.

I held it together.
I held it together when we made the decision with my 19 year old and she cried.
I held it together when my 9 year old sat on my lap in the morning weeping.

"It's alright. We never lose someone we love, they just live in heaven and …

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