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Buy the Diamond

In a world of false things and promises. Buy the Diamond. When all that glitters isn't gold, Buy the Diamond. In a photo-shopped world of magazine covers and silicone bodies. Buy the Diamond. When just about everything can be synthetically made to "look" like the REAL thing but isn't... BUY the DIAMOND.

When we as a consumerist society will trample over one another for Black Friday Sales on Thanksgiving Night to get the electronics that will be outdated in less than 2 years in a landfill within 5... Buy the Diamond. When our toddler girls wear tiny tees that say "Boy Toy" and kid television shows market making out more than making good grades. Buy the Diamond. When Divorce rates are higher than New Marriages and no one believes in RISKING their heart, their finances, their future on LOVE anymore... BUY the DIAMOND. Buy the Diamond, because we spend money on designer shoes and jeans and jackets that are out of style the next fashion season. Buy the Diamond because we buy b…

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