Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Rainbow of Consciousness

It's easy to recognize here. Here- this world, the physical world. It's easy to see it, pay attention to it.

But there's more. 

Everything on this earth has a Frequency Pattern. 
The Frequency Patterns are all connected like spiderwebs across the Earth. 

The connection to Spirit, Vibration, Consciousness, etc. 

All of us have what's known as  a "Soul" a Higher Self that sees all, knows all, is in contact with all other Higher Selves.

We are attached with a Crystalline Cord to our Higher Self.

This is similar to what it looks like: 

Whatever SHIFT we create on this planet, in physical form... SHIFTS within the Consciousness of the Cosmos.
Anything you are struggling with (WE, US, I Am struggling with) that comes in the form of Temptation, Stress, Discouragement.... etc... IS OUR opportunity to SHIFT it collectively.

Life is Frequency and Vibration. When a STRUGGLE... like losing our temper, comes into our space, and we MASTER the energy--- the SHIFT goes out through the GRID, through ALL the WEB and EVERYONE receives the LIFT/SHIFT.

SO, the GREATEST SERVICE we give to HUMANITY is to Master Self-Discipline, LOVE, PEACE, Patience... etc.

Sometimes we walk in circles of despair (ME TOO!) asking why I chose the life I did, why the people in my life are doing or did what they did, why I had to go through the painful things I did.... 
and the answer is::::::;;;;;

I Chose it because looking down at our Little Earth Mama from the Pre-existence, I saw the things I wanted to SHIFT and knew in order to do it I GOT TO CHOOSE IN to the situations to Master and SHIFT the energy. SOME things ONLY occur in PHYSICAL FORM. 

AND WE ALL have SPIRITUAL SUPPORT, our own HEAVEN TEAM who's engaged in our efforts.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The I AM

The words "I AM" are the most powerful words on the planet. 
They are the two words that NO ONE else can speak FOR YOU.

No one has the authority to DEFINE WHO YOU ARE... the two words "I AM" are the declaration to our world that I CLAIM who I AM.

The I AM is a choice. 
The I AM is a moment to moment choice. 
It is NOT "I WAS"


IN THIS MOMENT I CHOOSE WHO I AM--- in spite of the past, of the high expectations of the future, regardless of what my parents are or friends.
I AM in this moment whatever I CHOOSE.

I Am a POWERFUL, COMPASSIONATE, RADIANT Being of LIGHT committed to share, spread and increase the LIGHT and LOVE in our world.

I spent decades HATING myself for what I thought I was, for what I had done or had been done to me, for what I looked like, for who I was told I was or wasn't... EVERYTHING that isn't even real.

What is REAL is my ETERNAL soul. My TRUTH. MY purpose, MY moment- the moments that string together to create ETERNITY. 

In every moment I HAVE THE POWER of CHOICE. THE CHOICE as to HOW I SHOW UP and the way I REFLECT WHO I AM.

I've spent the past few years asking kids, parents, cancer survivors... to tell me WHO they REALLY are.
I declare and trust that when we as humanity begin to SEE each other for who we are... who we ALL really are... we create world peace.
I know that as I CHOOSE my I AM I also choose the way I approach the world and SERVE my fellow soul brothers and sisters.

I am on a mission of DIVINE REMEMBRANCE for us all. Bring it on.

I am photographing  THE I AM MESSAGE photos TOMORROW 11/22 in SPRINGVILLE at the public library.
at 10 am til NOON in support of an event towards healing heartbreak after suicide loss. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Somewhere between AWAKE and ASLEEP...

I found myself somewhere between awake and asleep- The place where there are no LIES or TRUTH... just imagery and experience and sensations.

I have little 3x5 cards and a pen next to my bedside for these moments.

Here are some of what is written on them:

We all have RHYTHM- because we all come from SOURCE and the UNIVERSE is in perfect HARMONY and order and balance and RHYTHM. Connect with THAT and you will have your "BEAT."

Love without expectations. LOVE is a CHOICE.
Some people learn what LOVE is through being ~LOVED, others learn what LOVE is by  not being loved. The Gift is the OPTION TO CHOOSE LOVE.

~I love you. I love you in the "I want you to have everything you ever dreamed of in your life way." not the "I love you and want you to give me everything I've ever wanted way."

~I Believe that the guitar or drum ache to be played. When music flows through them they are most joyful, living their full potential. Most people live like a guitar on the shelf.


~My hunger for light was unsatiated and searching. I now realize it is and has always existed within me. I didn't come to this world to find the LOVE and LIGHT  but to BE IT.

~Dear God, I surrender to you all my thoughts and debts. I open my mind to receive and channel You through me in a way that serves the World.

~I won't speak OLD WORDS to you and expect you to find NEW WAYS of living and being. 
I will not regurgitate religion or packaged philosophy-retelling reasons told to me- without my OWN personal pondering and revelation. I will tell you the TRUTHS as I KNOW it to be- at this time, at this height of the trail on the mountain. ALWAYS open to new comprehension and truth. New VIEWS and perspectives as I continue to CLIMB this lofty peak.

~Forgiveness is ours. ALWAYS. God never withholds FORGIVENESS. The Process we sometimes take to "BE FORGIVEN" isn't about worthiness, but about opening to receive what is ALREADY FREE_FLOWING.
It is Done.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Great Big World

For thousands of years people could not connect.

Until 150 years ago, MOST people lived and died within 20 miles of where they were born.

There was no internet, no photographs readily available....

Right now, we are able to see images and information from across the globe. I've never been to Egypt, but it's one of my favorite places to learn about and research.
I've never been to Stonehenge; but because of the time we live in, I know what it is and how mysteriously beautiful and drawing it is to me.

I can share ideas and knowledge and insights with people on the other side of the planet.

All secrets are raising to the surface.

We are living in a purified time.

For centuries, the history books and scriptures were written by those who had political power. By whomever won the war.

News stories were written from the perspective of whomever had the largest dollar roll and could pay the reporter. Journalists and reporters were literally putting their lives in jeopardy by telling the TRUTH.
(Yes, I am aware that this is still happening)

But RIGHT NOW.... enough people have camera phones that we, as general public, can FIND the truth with a little dedication. I LOVE in the media when a story hits the news and immediately our population goes to youtube, or other social media to see what REALLY happened. The REAL photos and Videos from different perspectives from those people there on the streets, in the square, at the scene.

In America specifically, it is SAFE to be a Powerful and Spiritual Person. 
Up until now, and even on other places on the planet... you could be killed for that. Especially if you were a woman. 

One of the most biting but true things I often punch out in conversation is; "Up until this century, the word WITCH most often referred to a spiritually gifted healer who didn't have a penis."
(sorry... cover your virgin eyes if that sentence offended your sensibilities ;) )

We often judge (myself included) those in the past for doing things to other cultures and peoples that is ludicrous to our understanding now-
More Evil and War has been committed in the name of God than in the name of the Devil.
But, for most of humanity, FEAR ruled more than LOVE. Most people could only view and know their tiny little patch of cloth on the quilt... not see the whole.

Jesus was murdered because he taught that LOVE could rule. Jesus was also a Jew. A devout Jew. 

I ONLY point this out because it's such a GIFT to recognize that WE are poised at a time on this planet where we can learn from the greatest TRUTHS and WISDOM from all cultures, all belief systems, all journal entries of spiritual experiences, not just the bible.

I often say and teach at Drum Circles that TRUTH and BELIEF is nice but relatively worthless without application. It is TRUTH applied in our lives that matters. 
I don't care what ANYONE believes unless they live it. 
It is the LIVING it... the application of it that we can see the "Fruits thereof".

As a mother, I don't see it as MY work to teach my Children WHAT Truth is... but HOW TRUTH FEELS. 
They are here to create what they are here on this planet to create. I am here to do my work. My work is to SEE and honor the DIVINITY in ALL.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's strange to have people know me...

I assisted with a Gala. A Charity event that served the Women's and Children in Crisis Center, thousands of women attended, it was a successful and cherished event.

It was odd and surreal when a beautiful woman came up to me and called me by name and was super excited to talk to me.

I asked "Why do I not remember you?" I felt silly but I blurted it out... She knew a lot about me and I was going crazy "trying" to place her.

She told me she "follows" me on Facebook.

The Drum Circle Goddess.

                                                                        Photo Credit Robin Johnson Photography

This is the third time this has happened.

It's strange to me.

I'm just Katie Jo.

One of 5 daughters.
Normal. Average hair, height, size, weight, looks, intelligence.

I've never been someone to stand out in a crowd. I've never been someone I've considered to be proud of being. But I have seen and felt a lot of pain in this world. My own and others. I looked for Peace and Love in the world... and didn't find it.

I decided to create Love within- even if only temporarily. If it's alive within me... then there is one place in the world it resides. (IF I choose to hold it there)

I see people coming to drum circle. We counted 150 people at the last one. It was powerful, fun, spiritual--- life changing.

I show up, with drums and sticks and a playlist on my ipod.

It seems so strange that people see me.

I speak at drum circles and implore my new and dear friends to make a new reality by shifting the patterns we dance to (physically and metaphorically)... not because I've achieved it- not because I've fully learned to conquer fear or find love for myself ... but because I just felt like someone had to do something... and I thought "Well, I'm somebody." I hate it when other people tell me what to do... it wouldn't be fair to tell other people to fix it.

I like people to dance. I like to see them laugh. I like to see them wrap their arms around each others shoulders and lean on one another. I like to see people step in to serve and bless one another outside of agenda and judgement.

SO, I found a way to do it, and it's working.

But I never really thought people would notice me for it.

I'm mostly just open the gate and those who arrive... walk through.

Photo Credit Robin Johnson Photography

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Probably Karma I guess.... Stupid Karma

So this just happened.

After 3 weeks of having a broken washing machine... and taking it apart, YOUTUBE-ing the fix it stuff... calling my "GO-TO" people to see if they could do it; and ultimately ordering the part to repair it..........

I replaced it all my little Single Working Mom-Self... and as soon as the last bolt was in and the water began to fill... I teared up.

Single Mom moment. The "I can make it" moment. The "I'm going to write a blog-post about women's empowerment that's the bomb!" moment.

I started putting the tools away, loading the washer, etc etc.

Glancing back------------------ the agitator is STILL not moving.

It didn't work.

I stood still and watched the NOT slushing around water.

I reached in and hand washed the clothes.

Because we deserve clean clothes.
And Mom's do that.
Take care of stuff.