Tuesday, May 27, 2014

LET'S Talk about SEX

Ummmm here we go..........

I've been intending to write this for sooo long- the subject of SEX has filled libraries worth of bookshelves with everyone's different opinions on it. Here is mine.

It's basic really.
We are energy. We are Atoms and Electrons Dancing. Everything around you is a different dance of energy.

As I reach out my hand and touch the arm of another- on a microscopic level, we have literally merged and given and received one another's rhythm... atoms.

Have you ever walked into the energy field of another person or into a room where the energy was very different than yours and it hits you like a wall of bricks?
An example would be coming home from a hard day at work to a SURPRISE party OR.... a great evening with friends into a house with an angry parent sitting on the couch? Yep. Energy fields.

The trick in life is to be so clear about YOUR rhythm and "BEING" that instead of picking up jumbled energy from a myriad of sources... you are solid and clear about YOURS. Your dance, your essence, your I Am that I Am.

Here's where SEX comes in....

The powerful and amazing experience of sharing your body and energy field in a mutually vulnerable and empowering way is possibly one of the BEST experiences on Earth. Sex is an AWESOME way to be perfectly IN THE MOMENT in a balanced dance of GIVE and RECEIVE.
Your cells, your physical body, your emotions, EVERYTHING is heightened and engaged and at the very limits of it's CREATION capabilities.

When the scriptures have said "They became One." it was literal. You are merging the dances, the energies, the rhythms. The auras of the people engaged are intertwined like serpents and explosions of light. LITERALLY you begin to sense, to feel one another's emotions, inner beings... we hear the other's song... we KNOW the movement of one another's dance.

For WOMEN, especially (partly because of the reality of our physical body and partly because we tend to be more in touch with our intuitive side) we are RECEIVERS of the energy and can leave a sexual experience "FEELING" the emotions and thoughts of our partner for days after. TRULY we are bonded and connected. 

When I consider SEX from an ENERGY view... soooo much shifts in my perception of what the world is projecting onto us through media. 
Also, when the words being "PURE" are used to describe a woman.. it's easier to know the truth about it... it's not about being wrong or right... but POWERFULLY self-aware and clear, KNOWING your SONG- knowing YOUR Dance. 

Life is about REALIZATION of SELF LOVE and WHO we ARE and WHAT we came here to get and give on this planet.... 
SEX is by far one of the most spectacular gifts of living in the 3rd Dimension... but deserves to be treated with severe care and consciousness... (not that you can't go have crazy fun and wild sex...)
what I mean is KNOW that we are rhythms- we are energy... and just like drops of coloring in a glass of water... every sexual encounter and merging of energy shifts us. 

We LINK to another human being. It's not good or bad, a person who uses your body hasn't forever tainted you... what I am saying is that it is IMPERATIVE to KNOW YOU before you play with these energies. 
When you Link and merge... EVERYTHING unites... not just the "NICE" parts of a person... EVERYTHING they are... you are.. who they've been- who they've been with... EVERYTHING they are and you are... become ONE.

If they are out of balance within themselves... that will be mixed into your own energy field. EASY to balance and release if you know yourself and can CENTER within yourself quickly... thereby extending the "healing" not only in your own aura... but in the aura of your sexual partner... even when they are gone from your presence. 

In this way- every SEXUAL experience (whether you may have thought it was good or bad in the past) is TRUTHFULLY a SPIRITUAL ATTUNEMENT to higher frequencies and levels of BEING. 
AND... the most important piece of this ALL... is that the SEXUAL Experience is ENGAGED in with LOVE- unrefined, unshackled, unbridled, unconditional AUTHENTIC LOVE- because the POWER of REAL LOVE... balances EVERYTHING and EVERYONE regardless the past or imbalance that was created.
~ktjo Drum Circle Goddess

Journal Entry May 25. Memorial Day

I am sitting at Jonah's Grave. 

It is Memorial Day and it isn't 8 am yet- so there are not crowds of people here. There are a few of us though.
The cemetery is at it's most beautiful on Memorial Day.
I am surrounded by spinning pin wheels and flowers; flags speckle the green lawn and are fluttering gently in the breeze.
I am sad- but I am feeling strange and reflective.

I have always felt like I am doing the best that I can as a mother- but also that I am so lacking at it too. I have always felt selfish and failing on many levels concerning my talent at it- but I love my children dearly.

 Yesterday, I came home from a jog and began knocking "shave and a haircut" on the door (even though I knew it was unlocked.)
I was relentless until the door opened and Ashton, Jayce, and Tate were there laughing and we all four hugged.

I miss Jonah. I feel great pain at times over losing him- but had he not passed away I fear that I would have been a much more selfish and unloving mother.
I think Jon and I would have had more material things and better outward appearing lifestyle- not having the experience of a tragedy blowing us away- but honestly- I think Jon and I still would have parted ways eventually.

I know I am doing good things with my life right now- I know that because of my loss of Jonah I am more outward focused and compassionate than I would have been. I know that I am assisting many to heal and balance and walk through their own losses because I have journeyed the path.

It's interesting to me as well that I know there are so many who have experienced so many painful things that would make my experience seem trivial... but that is comparison, and comparison is a cruel beating we do to ourselves.
My experience is what it is.

Before Jonah passed- Memorial day was just a 3 day weekend where I went with Grandma Jean to put flowers on graves of Grandpas I never knew.

It's different now- but as I sit here and see all the people beginning to arrive and the old ladies struggling to secure the flower bundles from tipping over in the breeze and the uniformed men setting up chairs for the soon-to-be held Veteran's service- I am sad but resigned to the knowing that all is as it was meant to be.

That Jonah's life was an agreement and gift to me; that the experience has propelled me towards my true life work of assisting people to heal their hearts and embrace love.


Monday, May 26, 2014

The Sound of Dark and LIGHT

All things are sound.
All things are vibration.
Scientists can literally use technology to "HEAR" everything now. Including you.

LOW DRUMMING tones clear and balance. HIGH tones then "FILL" with higher resonance and vibration.

I was meditating one morning a month worth of Sunday's ago. There's a peaceful cemetery I visit where some of my dear family is resting.

As I sat with the sunlight awakening, the sounds around me began to "distract" me.

The chain of the flagpole 100 yards away was tapping the metal like chimes, in the distance along the old Route 89 highway there were LARGE Diesel trucks trumpeting and chugging, and then of course the birds were chattering back and forth amongst the trees.

At first, I thought "I suck at meditating. I can't keep focused."  but then....

Instead of "listening" to the noise... I recognized that just like drum beats and crystal bowls and flutes... these are simply "SOUNDS" with different energy signatures. It is ME who was in judgement of them as good or bad, beautiful or noisy.

What I also know- is that there are NO accidents... the sounds I experience are there to shift the "tones" my own personal rhythm. Even a random airplane flying overhead is no mistake.

SURE, we can choose the type of music we listen to and we can choose to engage in music with dark energy and hate... but when I SURRENDER to the experience...

the rumbling engines are just low drum beats, the flagpole chain is bells chiming, and the birds songs are flutes that fill my cells with higher tones.
My RHYTHM begins to shift and I accept the gift of every situation.

Just like the Taoists who teach BE WATER... take the shape of the teapot, the kettle, the bowl... Be water, be willing to shift.

Here is a photo of what different SOUNDWAVES look like. This phenomena is known as CYMATICS.

learn more about soundwaves here: http://www.rexresearch.com/cymatics/cymatics.htm

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Metaphysically Fit

ANOTHER JOG POST>...... SHEESH you would think I'd be in shape by now! ;)

Time and Space are limitations of the THIRD DIMENSION. In other words: OUR SOUL is FREE to travel to any time and presence any space any dimension. It is OUR closed valve or "the veil" that limits our KNOWING of ALL.

People who are exceptionally intuitive and spiritually practiced are able to meditate in and out of any time future or past.

A Peruvian Shaman once explained to me that if you are struggling in the PRESENT... GO to the FUTURE and "SUIT UP" to travel back and lift yourself.

SOOOooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOooooooo ....
This understanding, came up for me while I was on my jog yesterday. I've been a little "Under the Weather" but not too bad. I wanted to get some exercise--- I sincerely believe that exercise is
"MOVING ENERGY" releasing HEAVY ENERGY and oxygenating our CELLS to receive MORE LIGHT ENERGY.

As I was jogging up a hill and being slapped in the face with a strong HEAD WIND... it dawned on me that the FUTURE KATIE... (the physically fit and strong, lean, and limber KATIE) would have no trouble with this scenario at all....
What did I do??????

I Visualized HER... after all SHE is ME.
Future Katie is Katie.

I pictured HER/ME in my minds eye and tackled the HILL... Guess what??? It worked.

Instantly, the struggle lightened... (after all... she's like 30 lbs lighter than present day Katie)


We can do this Physically- but ALSO... EMOTIONALLY.
Presence THAT when you are heart-broken.
Ask THAT Future YOU to serve you.
When we are faced with challenges or even little things like MEAL choices... visualize YOU--- the FUTURE YOU that YOU intend to BE and do what THEY would do.

Love always.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Butterfly Died Today

The sun is beginning to warm the afternoons after a long winter and bipolar spring; warm enough to take long walks or jogs to the canyon.
Part of this journey includes an old County Highway... and for a mile I jog in the shoulder gravel that is grey and sooty and lifeless.
Vehicles whip by me, and the essence of the exhaust trails behind them, but the view is beautiful and pastures of wildflowers and tame horses flank either side of the road; small farmhouses speckle the scenery.

Along this short stretch of my long jog, a small flutter of color amongst the charcoal gravel caught my eye.

A red spotted butterfly.
A dying butterfly.

I am not a butterfly physician- so my expertise doesn't extend to how or why the butterfly was dying- but I stopped and knelt to look at it laying fatigued at my feet, weakly and humbly fluttering its wings.

Ever so carefully I cupped my fingers and cradled the "sky-flower" while two or three cars flew past me and the gush of breeze tore at my hair and ponytail- but I sheltered the small insect in my hands and carried it away from the road.

Along a white fence line bordering a lush pasture- there was a cluster of dandelions in fluffy tall sweet grass.
That is where I placed the dying butterfly.
It crawled beneath them and hid from my sight.

As simple as that.

I continued on my walk.

I thought about life. I thought about other's lives.
Sometimes we can't save others from their realities. Even with the power to heal, it isn't my place to interfere upon another's life destiny.

But, I can take a dying butterfly and place her in flowers, so as she dies- it isn't upon the rocks.