Sunday, May 31, 2015

If I said NOTHING else in my life....

What is your message?

If I said nothing else it is this:

There is Divine Order and Light. I know this as God. 

Mother/Father God. So perfect, so loving, so pure, so intelligent that we build ALL our scientific data and knowledge on the calculations and order provided by this phenomenon. 

Chaos is human created. 
WE have the power of intention and free-agency. 
Where GOD is... there is PERFECT order and Peace. EVEN amid HUMAN created horror and pain...the PRESENCE of GOD/Peace IS there and may be felt according to free-agency.


The lilies in the field, the sparrow in the nest, the tree in the sunlight.... ALL receive the peace, love, and bounty of God almighty without judgement of themselves or debate on their worthiness. They simply OPEN, TRUST, RECEIVE. 

The POWER of GOD is what heals. This is NOT subject to ANY HUMAN/3rd DIMENSION prerequisites. 
Human realities like gender, right/wrong, specific rituals/religions/locations. 

It is the POWER of GOD, the MERCY and LOVE of Him/Her that heals, that serves, softens hearts, opens us to LIGHT. Angels Administer, it is our FREE-AGENCY to receive (aka Faith) that allows or blocks this abundant Compassion for all. 

My brother Jesus taught me when He explained over and over "Thy Faith has made thee whole." Or when He gave glory to God and explained it was God- NOT He who facilitated the healing. My dear brother served as the catalyst... the emblem who gave those around him the courage to receive. It was HE who DARED to say "I AM ONE with GOD.. and SO ARE YOU." that allowed those near him to trust in their own Divinity- their OWN DIVINE RIGHT to receive. The COURAGE of He, who dared to CLAIM his Noble Birthright and remind us all the our BIRTHRIGHT is the same.

Remember- Humans created the prerequisites for healing... Just like the Pharisees of Old had rules and financial requirements for the saints to receive... and Jesus taught a different way. 
I AM here to share with you that WHATEVER you have done, WHEREVER you are, God's light is available to you. 

Go to the churches, the temples, the mountains; live with self discipline and measure and service.... do this because it TRAINS us to learn to be RECEPTIVE to God's Light and LOVE... but do NOT be deceived that it is NECESSARY in order to receive. 

God's miracles, love, and mercy are FREE. ALL it takes is Faith like a mustard seed that you DESERVE it. 

~ Katie Jo 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The "To Be" Murderer

I sat in the stark and abrasive courtroom. I was thinking.... "this is unfriendly" the walls unrelenting white, contrasted with the abhorring particle board podiums and stands across for attorneys and legal counsel.
The only color in the room was the peanut gallery... the dark green metal and fabric chairs that we were corralled into while we waited for our case to be called.

I was moral support. 
My job was to sit and hold peace within me so my friend could face the dragon she had come to stand up to. 

People were being called and shuffled in front of the judge. I found him compassionate and stern. Mid-50's. Patient. Black cloak, sandy and salt and pepper full head of hair.

Beside him against the wall stood a large Angel who's luminescence was primarily bluish violet.

There were white Angels around the court bailiff.

In the Center of the Room I witnessed a faint beam of light... similar to Star Trek Teleporting special effects. This is where the people stand in front of the judge.

The purpose of this light is Clarity. Many spirits supported those standing at the podium- their intention was knowing that this MAY be their opportunity to shift their lives. Truly... this was their crossroads. 

We sat and watched the back of the man we were there to be witness for and stand for accountability.
My friend and I sent light and love through our hearts.

Before him, there is a defined path. He can now shift towards light... truly no path is so dark that a candle cannot be illuminated- Or he can continue down the path he is on and will eventually be a Murderer.

He was barely saved from that title by the Grace of God who allowed my friend to survive his attack. If we don't stand now. If we don't hold accountability- not only will he take a woman's life...( he's come so close many times before- many times before the women backed down in the legal battles because they were scary and long.... ) He will damage his eternal reality as well as theirs.

But she's not backing away. She's not, because she sees his path. She sees the women and children in it- and HIM. She sees that in order to STAND for light and to SHIFT the ENERGY of this experience... someone MUST take a STAND. 
So she is. 

She knows that AS she Does.... the Energy shift ripples out across the planet across every abusive relationship. AS SHE STANDS.... she breaks the chains of energy and patterns in her life, her children's lives... and ultimately- His life; the "To Be Murderer" as he finally has consequences extreme enough to offer him the opportunity to change... to break the chains of HATE he is bound by.

Truly, her act is an ACTION of LOVE. 
Love for herself, for humanity. 

Image Credit. Known as LADY JUSTICE UNMASKED

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Body Shame and Balance

It was like jumping off a cliff.

I was terrified.

But, my perfect friend held my hand and said "Do It" and stood with me and photographed me.

For OVER half of my life I rarely exposed the skin on my body.
Wearing Long Sleeves and Long Pants. Summers were sticky and hot.

I AM a photographer. I take over 50,000 pictures a year on average. I cover events, weddings and private retreats... I even have a photography movement I've founded known as THE I AM MESSAGE.

(my website can lead you to the Facebook Page

But I have SHIED away from being in the pics.

For a few weeks My soul sister Debbie, Red FoX, and I planned on taking some shots at Bear Lake. I was "covering" a New York Times Best Selling Author's Writers Retreat there and facilitating a Drum Circle on the last eve... Sunday Morning... we planned the photoshoot.

We walked along the beach and Debbie wrapped her arm around my waist.

I borrowed the outfit (from a friend who is NO LESS than 4 sizes SMALLER than me "It's okay- the waist is stretchy!" she said and I've been checking the pics freaking out because how tight the band was.... )

But here's the thing.....

I KNOW I get to honor my body.
I get to acknowledge my body and my vehicle of light and beauty.

It's taken me over 20 years just to NOT HATE it.

In fact, Getting to the place of Neutrality has been a journey through the desert and wind rarely finding water.

And I'm proud of myself for being NEUTRAL.

And then...... Drum Circles Manifested.

The Girl who never spoke to anyone or in front of class or touched or hugged people... Now stands in front of hundreds of people every month....
Sometimes I stand in the Center of the Circle and feel 360 degrees of eyes staring at me and I begin to shake.
I ask my Soul friends to stand with me.
Steve Price usually walks to the center with me and begins speaking. He watches me and knows when my nerves are balanced enough.

It's the MESSAGE- the WORK of UNITY that fuels me. The DRIVE to encourage us ALL to be ONE CIRCLE- ONE TRIBE that calls me to stand in the Center. So I process my fears and I STAND for that, Speak for that, Dance for that.

But .... the pics........

Debbie told me to send them to her if I couldn't edit them. If my head got in the way.... and to be honest... it has taken me 2 weeks to face them.

I realize it's time. It's time that I AM vulnerable. 
It's alright to embrace MY body as PART of the GODDESS I Am. 

I claim healing and this has been part of it.

It's important too that I clarify that I ADVOCATE MODESTY. 
Modesty in the way of knowing my body is a sacred gift. I AM modest, I AM most comfortable being modest... but For me... I distorted and twisted MODESTY into a cloak to hide my body shame behind.

For me, the "stretch" of honoring my body is in being fearless to show skin. (obviously- not all of it)

It's ok to face comments or ridicule or judgement. If I DON'T embrace it... how can I set the example for my own Children to do the same.

Honor and Reverence.... Beauty and FREEDOM. 


Sunday, May 10, 2015

I AM Mother

It's Mother's Day.

I Am painting drums (my Sundays) and I stop to write this message to you.

I ponder "Mother" Oh dear sweet feminine Mother. Angry belligerent Mother, compassionate Mother, Lazy, Industrious, Saint, Sinner, Religious, Slut... Mother.

Mother. Creator of Life.

Dear sisters. We are human. We are here in the 3D. (Third Dimension) 
It would be beautiful to be the "IDEAL Mother" but if you aren't ... just BE Mother. 

We are the holders of NEW hope on this planet. We are the sanctuary for the child's heart.

WE are it ALL. We are Goddess, we are Savior and "Grounders to your rooms." WE are the knee scraped bandagers, we are the UP in the MIDDLE of the night CRYING over our child's choices Mother.

It is a noble and beautiful calling.

Whether you have had a child from your womb, or you nurture hundreds around you and hold out your outstretched hand to another... You are MOTHER.

Oh dear SISTERS... if you are like me and have empty arms that ache for one of your children who live on the other side of the Veil... I honor you and humbly acknowledge YOU this Mother's Day. I cannot express the way it feels to have life that grew inside of my body... be buried beneath the ground... but I AM STILL Mother to HE.

I walk the path that hundreds of thousands of women have walked on this planet... even our Sacred Mother Mary. I AM still MOTHER even if my lap is empty as I sit in the rocking chair.

We stand together DEAR SISTERS... we usher in NEW generations and possibilities on this planet. WE ARE the STEWARDS of PEACE. 
WE shift our planet as we raise this next GENERATION to know LOVE. 

I stand WITH YOU.