The Way of the Sage

Something that has been "hidden" from most and I have held private and sacred for very long is that I do what is known as "Channeling." I prefer to say "BRIDGE."

Many of you who attend Drum Circles or who know me closest have become aware of this. But- because of fear and rejection I have kept these things private.

Let me clarify- I had a woman ask me if I could or would "channel" passed on spirits. NO.
I will not. I do not.

But, I am clear that it's time to be open and so I am creating this page as a service and gift of LOVE.

What I write or receive is NOT to be assumed YOUR answers in anyway. These writings have been direct answers to My questions and pondering. But Go WITHIN your own heart and find if there is TRUTH there for you.


Feb 2015

You must become grounded within yourself. The waves lap the shore, footfalls traverse it and yet it is un-bothered and unchanged. Ground is never seeking more ground. It simply IS. It flourishes and nourishes and offers sanctuary. Earth is complete and whole- ever shifting and moving yet solid and firm.

Jan 2015

-How can I release the fear of rejection? (I ask)

Realize there is no such thing as rejection. Every higher self receives you. Every light spirit knows you. Mother and Father welcome you. Rejection is from self- from EGO. Rejection- Fear of rejection comes from self-judgement.
Go into Higher Self and call Her to you and know that each of us can call upon and walk with our higher self and therefore energetically attract those walking with theirs.

-So, bring in my higher self, walk with her and know that all higher selves accept me.

Yes, Say "I love and accept me. I love and accept me. I love and accept me."

-Can I release the energy?

Yes. It is done. Past life energy is gone. Smudge, use selenite, but know that it is gone.

Dec 30

- If only if only there were truth in us all.

Some don't come here to be truth but to awaken it by being un-truth.
In the end, Truth always prevails.

Dec 27

Dream your life Little One. It's not so serious. Dream it away. Dream big or small. Dream. Dare. Trust. Leap. Dream Little One- Dream. 
It will all be alright. 
Learn, Plan, Grow, Swim, Float, Live. 


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